Women and the fear of RAPE

Friday, May 13, 2005

Rape to courts is well deserved

Women's overwhelming fear of being raped is undoubtedly a social issue that has not been delt with in a correct fashion in courts. Everyday women are raped, and I have lots of statistics on rape so it's every 6 minutes to be exact. How can a woman get raped every 6 minutes in the United States and the courts and the police blame the victim? It's appauling to me and it makes me sick that a male dominated world and justice system justifies the forcible and sexual agression on women, small children and the elderly.
Rape is even a top fear for elementary school girls...how can that be? That must tell our society something if little 8 year old girls are scared of being raped too. All of the statistics are just horrible and high as we look at them but they are innacurate due to the fact that rape has the least liklihood of being reported in the first place. So i think we can think of how high the stats are now that we know that because of the fear and dominance this society has over women, that most rapes go un-reported. Of the half of the rapes reported, only half of those men get reported, and only 22% of that half get convicted. This is unnaceptable and ridiculous that a tiny percentage of men actually get convicted or even accused for that matter of a horrible crime they have committed.
The myths that stand up in court include that women like to be forced and that they wore mini skirts and showed cleavage so they deserved it. This victim precipitaion as it's called is ridiculous. How can a woman ask to get raped, why would they? It has nothing to with the clothes that they were wearing or that they happened to be at a bar so their credibility would be shot. Victims have to convince police that they didn't incite it in order for them to even consider going and trying to arrest the perpetrator. Not to mention the time that it takes a woman to recover mentally and emotionally and then try and report it to the police. Not all women have the extreme courage to report the rape right away (most rapes go un-reported remember) so that should not effect their credibility. The longer it goes unreported, the least likely the police is going to believe it even occurred. And what happens if a woman is a drug user or a porstitute? Well then they are automatically grouped into a category of "not credible" and their rapes are not believed.
Historically, in a marriage the husband could not be charged with rape and it wasn't untill 1977 in Oregon that the first marital rape case went to trial. This is another type of spousal abuse and should not be tolerated just because the couple is married. So what? Can a husband not forcibly penetrate his wife ?
The justice system to me in this aspect, has been sexist and not taken this hugely serious social problem seriously. It conerns me because in the time it has taken me to write this passage 5 women have been raped somewhere in the U.S.!!